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Rockford Fitness will change the way you Lose Weight Located in Rockford Michigan

  • Guys will Build Muscle. BIG ARMS BABY
  • Ladies will get Firm, Tight, & Tone Muscles
  • Everyone will Burn Fat & Feel Great

Rockford Fitness is ecstatic to announce that we will be opening Rockford Michigan's first Boot Camp only fitness business!

NOW OPEN! 8450 Algoma Ave NE Suite A, Rockford MI, 49341

See Schedule at

RF Boot Camp is absolutely great for burning fat, building muscle, and feeling great. The group atmosphere will keep you accountable and everyone helps motivate each other. We guarantee that when you walk in you will be greeted with a smile. We are dedicate to our "Team Members"(Customers). We provide simple to implement nutrition and workouts that will challenge you. The workouts are the perfect length, short enough to keep your busy schedule from being clogged, and long enough to get a great workout in. Coach Paul started training out of a Roller Skating Rink and decided he could provide better results if he had more equipment and a proper space for exercising.

Paul his "All Star" client is down 50 pounds (and still losing)! Paul the "All Star" client lost an average of 10 pounds a month! Cathy lost 6 pounds from only 2-3 sessions a week. Chad is down 5% body fat. Michelle down 7.5% body fat and 25 pounds! Mari Beth, 62 years young, lost 5 pounds in her first month by attending only 3 sessions a week! Matt lost 4 pounds his first week and Scott lost 6 his first! Many others are losing too! The team was able to lose 29 pounds in only 6 days! Coach Paul has created hundreds of fun workouts that help you to burn fat, build muscle, and feel great! Think of the creativity he needed to run a boot camp in a Roller Rink! Minimal equipment and his customers loved every second. Watch out, now he has tons of new equipment at his disposal. So you will never be bored or find yourself doing the same exact thing every day. Some of the equipment will eventually include; pull-up bars, battle ropes, TRX Suspension Trainers, dumbbells, and much more!


Why Rockford Fitness Boot Camp? We have absolutely nothing in common with your average gym. We do not consider our business to be a gym. This is because 95% of the time “The Gym” does not produce results. We have a 100% success rate, everyone burns fat, builds muscle, and feels great. We have highly motivated Coaches who actually show Team Members how to exercise, big gyms that offer “Boot Camp” classes do not teach you, they just do the exercises and hope you figure it out. But I could just go to the gym... Chances are you are a member and haven't been since a few weeks post sign up.


Let’s say you join a gym for $60 a month. Maybe they offer sub-par boot camps once or twice a week. So you go to a camp a week and every other week you build up the courage to go in to the gym by yourself. But you may just end up walking up and using each machine once until you’re bored and head home with an almost pointless workout. So you keep this up for a year, there’s $720 plus their activation fee $50 so you have $770 a year into weight gain, because let’s be honest two times a week will do next to nothing for you.

Gyms are costly

Scenario two: Going to the gym boot camps and going alone has failed you, so you decide to use one of their personal trainers. They recommend 4 sessions a week with for the first month and they would like for you to run for 30 minutes the other 3 days of the week. A trainer will cost you at least $40 an hour. That is $640 for your first month of training, but wait you still have gym fees so let’s change that to $700. You may lose a pound or two so you decide to keep going. You see him 3 times a week for a total of $530 for the following month, and maybe you exercise once a week without him. The next month you decide to see him 2 times a week for a total of $370 for the third month. You end each workout feeling like you could’ve done way more and by the end of three months your done with your trainer. So you have a year of gym fees at $770 + $700 (trainer month 1) + $530 (trainer month 2) + $370 (trainer month 3) = $2370 for 15 months, 12 of them being weight gaining months and 1-2 months you lost a few and the other months you stay the same. Want the personal attention without the huge cost? Actually want results?

A little more about Rockford Fitness Boot Camp

At Rockford Fitness we can train a vast range of ages and body types. Fitness is not something that determines if we accept potential clients as Team Members. Their weight, body fat percentage, or age makes no difference. This is because we can scale each workout from beginner to expert to insane. We DO look for people with a mindset that will keep the group motivated. We understand the battles faced while getting in shape and we will not have anyone in our Team that would drag another Team Member down. We are not afraid to kindly state that Rockford Fitness may not be a good fit for someone. Rockford Fitness needs positivity and we will stop at nothing to keep it that way. You will feel this the second you walk in when you are greeted by someone on our amazing Team. Our Coaches are the best at motivating, encouraging, and teaching our Team Members. You will see a smile on their faces, yes even at 4am, this is because we are working towards a goal of changing 100 lives in our first year. This goal is vital to our business and the Community of Rockford.

Feel free to call 616-951-7272 for more information



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Free 7 Day Nutrition Guide

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